Sheet metal brass

Sheet metal brass is based on a mix of zinc and copper and is twice the price of the best polished brass metal finish. A brass sheet at 5 cm thick will weigh 35 kilos, while a square metre of brass metal finish weighs 7 kilos: this is due to the fact that sheet metal brass is one seventh of the weight of brass metal finish.

As it can be imagined, there are a lot of interesting implications of this characteristic both from a practical and an economical point of view, mostly as regards the use of the metal in the sector of architecture. By using sheet metal brass, door lintels and walls do not require to be strengthened, for example. Brass metal can be textured and waxed, but it can also be polished in order to have a very shiny finish.

Sheet metal brass is available in a lot of sizes and shapes, according to different exigencies. It can be used for bolts, for kick plates, for gutter accessories and for drains: different thicknesses and different colors can be required to Ros Srl, which guarantees the best standards of quality.

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