Processing of laminates

Processing of laminates is one of the services that are offered by Ros Srl to its customers. Lamination is a process that is used in order to strengthen materials, but also to improve sound insulation and stability according to the exigencies. A laminate is assembled by pressure, heat or welding.

An example of processing of laminates is represented by hot processing and postforming processes, whose lines use different forms of radiant emitters with the aim of reach the temperature which is required. The machine supplier selects the specific emitter, since on these machines a lot of various types of infrared emitters can be utilized.

Laminate materials are very used in a lot of sectors and industries, from automotive to aerospace: they are based on polymeric composite laminates, which usually involve a polymeric resin which is impregnated into a volume which surrounds many fibers. The impregnation process is very important as it leads to assembly of layers. Several of the fabrication processes that are utilized for laminated components are based on heat assistance: obviously, monitoring the heat in this kind of process requires a specific technology with a high degree of accuracy.

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