Electric punching machine

An electric punching machine is an instrument which is used in order to cut edge. High speed production is the main characteristic of this item, which is also appreciated for its reliability. Moreover, it allows to improve production processes and costs. Ros Srl offers to its customers a wide range of these solutions, that are studied and realized to encounter many different needs.

The presence of a save energy system is intended to keep low energy consumption. A lot of options can be chosen to configure the electric punching machine, according to exigencies: a power vacuum tools system, for example, guarantees the reliability of every kind of operation, and the compact design is very advantageous, too. There are many reasons to choose this kind of machine, which is based on patented bridge frame construction and has got a large capacity.

Every operation is sure and efficient due to air blow tool lubrification, while the power vacuum system removes slug pull. Scratch free processing is guaranteed, too, with a concealed lower turret and a digital tool control. Ros Rsl is able to ensure the highest standards of quality thanks to different advanced forming functions.

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