Continuous wire welding

Continuous wire welding is one of the many services that Ros Srl offers to its customers. It is a process that is recommended for the MAG or MIG welding (MAG is the acronym for Metal-arc Active Gas, while MIG is the acronym for Metal-arc Inert Gas). Its importance is becoming more evident as time goes by, also because it allows to limit and lower electronic products costs.

A covering gas guarantees the protection in the continuous wire welding, that is able to ensure a high productivity. Another advantage that should be taken into consideration is that it is possible to work without dross: this is due to the presence of gas and leads to a process that is very cheaper than that of electrode welding.

The basic equipment that is required in order to perform Metal-arc Active Gas welding includes a shielding gas supply, a welding power source, a wielding wire, a wire feed unit, a ground clamp and a welding gun. Versatility and speed are two of the most important characteristics of continuous wire welding, which is also easy to adapt to robotic automation and to a lot of different exigencies.

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