CNC punch press

A CNC punch press is a type of punch press that is utilized for metal forming by punching. A typical CNC turret punch can have more than 50 tools, which are situated in a turret that rotates in order to bring the chosen tool to the punching position.

The tooling of a CNC punch press is based on a wide range of standard punch tools, such as mounting holes or straight edges. A turret press, by using several tools in turn and a large number of stokers, can make a lot of parts allowing to save money and time, because it does not need to first make a specialized press tool. Prototyping, therefore, becomes rapid. Punching is a process which is well suited to mass productions: this is why it is used for big-volume work.

A simple shape such as a circle or a square is cut from the sheet, while two corresponding turrets complete the press tool. CNC punch press is becoming fundamental in a market which is becoming more and more demanding as time goes by, since deliveries need to be faster, turnarounds have to be shorter and components quality must be higher.

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